for last 40 years. We are known for our commitment to excellence and quality. We are KPT.

The factory is located at South Western Maharashtra at Shirol, Dist. Kolhapur. The state of the art facility is dedicated in bringing up electric power tools, spares, control motors and blowers and many other engineering products.
Professional electric power tools for metal, wood, concrete; the new range of Shakti power tools for artisan to meet your everyday needs, garden tools; blowers for pneumatic conveying system, power plants, steel, effluent water treatment have been our speciality over the decades.
Learning new technology and adapting to change has been our hallmark and to be pioneers in innovating the future, we have recently introduced KPT E- Cart 'Pushpak' for carrying and dumping garbage. The battery operated cart is a boon in today's world where depleting energy resources are the order of the day. This is our contribution to " Swatchhata Abhiyan " initiated by the Government of India.

KPT – Engineering driven by belief in Positive Change for all concerned.

KPT E-Cart Dealership Application